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The EventShares team regularly provides video investment analysis through media platforms, webinars and podcasts. Watch the replays below (including the 2018 Policy Alpha Conference) and subscribe to receive our future video events. You can also follow EventShares on YouTube.

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Policy Alpha Conference (Nov. 2018)

The Policy Alpha Conference brought together seven experts to share their views on 2019 markets, government policy, and the intersection thereof the week after U.S. Midterms - all in under 90 minutes!

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Interactive Brokers (May 2018)

Washington, D.C. is the epicenter of U.S. policymaking. Fortunately, most of the policymaking process in the U.S. is public, which offers investors the opportunity to forecast policy outcomes with increased accuracy. Policy can be used as a leading indicator with long-term implications on investment returns. Investors consider many factors when making investment decisions, including how government policies impact their portfolios.


Interactive Brokers (Oct. 2018)

Policy investing focuses on understanding current and pending legislation and regulation impacting companies. The U.S. midterm elections will shift the playing field in Washington policymaking, offering a new set of investment opportunities. Join EventShares as we explore key factors to watch across industries and resources you can utilize to gain timely insights.