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Policy Investing

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Policy Investing explained in 2 minutes:

  1. Policy Politics.
  2. Policy is not some mystical factor. It is simply another input into a company's operations (e.g. legislation and regulation).
  3. For example, if the price of oil were to drop this quarter, energy stocks would likely underperform. No one is going to argue with that.
  4. Inputs like the price of oil and movement of interest rates are arbitraged away because most investors understand these impacts.
  5. But taking a step back, we already know that policy is just another input into a company's operations. And because the policy making process is public, we know what the changes will be.
  6. However, these changes are often A) misunderstood or B) ignored because "don't invest in politics" (see #1 on this list).
  7. This creates inefficiencies in stock prices and often entire industries.
  8. EventShares seeks out these inefficiencies and offers investment strategies of our best ideas for your portfolio.
  9. Additionally, our investment process guides us to avoid negative policy impacts in an effort to protect capital (e.g. trade tariffs).
  10. Learn more at EventSharesFunds.com >>


Download our Cheat Sheet and White Paper: Guide to Policy Investing to learn more.


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