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Sector Guides to Policy Investing

The Policy Playbook series is a group of concise, client-friendly research reports highlighting key policy investment themes. Each report covers the policy's history, impacted U.S. industries and companies, and the emerging investment opportunity.

If you have interest in adding one of the below Policy Themes to your portfolio, reach out to learn about our portfolio solutions and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).



Investing in Infrastructure EventShares Policy Playbook


U.S. Infrastructure

There may be no bigger spending topic in Washington D.C. right now than infrastructure. This report discusses the opportunity.

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Investing in 5G Technology EventShares Policy Playbook


5G Technology

5G is a geopolitical battleground between the U.S. and China. This report discusses the drivers, companies benefited, and the policy opportunity.

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Investing in Defense EventShares Policy Playbook


Defense Spending

The White House and congressional defense hawks continue to push for increased defense spending. This report discusses the opportunity.

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VBR CIO Insights


Value Based Reimbursement

With skyrocketing healthcare costs, healthcare reimbursement is changing to a “Value Based” system.

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Uranium Playbook Circle


Uranium Tariffs

Following a Section 232 study by the Department of Commerce this report examines the potential affects from tariffs.

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Space Force Playbook Circle


U.S. Space Force

What is the USSF? How would it integrate with the broader military? And what companies could benefit?

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