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Unlike Wall Street, D.C. is Highly Publicized

07.05.2018 | Ben Phillips, CFA

policy is highly publicized

The benefit of policymaking is that most of the policymaking process in the nation’s capital is made public. Understanding which resources to use may help identify policy trends.


“Understanding which resources to use

may help identify policy trends.”


Examples of policy resources include:


  • Congressional Hearings: Hearings and legislative markups are open to the public and allow policy investors to watch policymaking occur in real-time.


  • Federal Register: The official journal of the U.S. federal government. It is published daily and serves as an outlet for the government to announce public changes, both final and proposed, to its rules, policies, and interpretative guidance.


  • House and Senate Committee Websites: Each committee within the House and Senate maintains a website, which typically includes replays of past legislative hearings and markups, as well as committee agendas.


  • Congress.gov: The website is a hub for all things Capitol Hill and provides real-time updates on individual bills and the upcoming week’s agenda. Users can also set up alerts to track specific bills and review roll call votes for prior bills and amendments.


In addition to the above government-run resources, the media adds another level of transparency as it monitors the nation’s policymaking process. By utilizing sources like these, investors may be able to forecast and model policy with increased accuracy.



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