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Podcast 004 -- Perth Tolle

06.23.2019 | Ben Phillips, CFA

Perth Tolle EventShares 10 Minutes 10 Answers - 3


10 Minutes / 10 Answers

A new podcast from EventShares, #10mins10answers is a time efficient exploration into investing, economics and wealth management. In 10 minutes, you’ll walk away with 10 answers from leading experts. Keep up to date by visiting EventShares.com/podcast




EP 004 - Perth Tolle

Today I’m joined by Perth Tolle, the founder of Life + Liberty Indexes. Prior to forming Life + Liberty Indexes, Perth was a private wealth advisor at Fidelity Investments in CA and TX. Prior to Fidelity, Perth lived and worked in Beijing and Hong Kong, where her observations led her to explore the relationship between freedom and markets. Through her China experience she gained a high level of conviction regarding the impact of sound governance, individual freedoms, and rule of law on economic growth and innovation. Perth is a frequent speaker at investment industry events and is quoted in various financial media. She is a member of Women in ETFs and a graduate of Trinity University with a Bachelor of Science in finance and marketing. Fun fact: Perth actually attended at Art Center in Pasadeena, during what she calls her hippie phase, as she initially wanted to pursue a career in graphic design.



Today's 10 Questions

[1:18]  The Freedom 100 Index - What is it?
[2:39]  Example of a link between freedom & economics?

[3:49]  Index construction process?

[5:35]  Index impacts from excluding China?
[6:34]  Characterizing success for these freedom initiatives?
[7:52]  Which countries are regressing from freedom?
[8:42]  Importance of having a voice to the investing public?
[9:15]  Mission behind Women in ETFs?
[10:18]  Worst piece of financial advice you consistently hear?
[11:22]  Free business tool you would recommend?









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