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Podcast 001 -- Meb Faber

06.23.2019 | Ben Phillips, CFA

Meb Faber EventShares 10 Minutes 10 Answers - 3


10 Minutes / 10 Answers

A new podcast from EventShares, #10mins10answers is a time efficient exploration into investing, economics and wealth management. In 10 minutes, you’ll walk away with 10 answers from leading experts. You can keep up to date by visiting eventshares.com/podcast



EP 001 - Meb Faber

Today, I’m joined by Meb Faber, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. Meb is the manager of Cambria’s ETFs and separate accounts and the host of one of the most successful financial podcasts around, The Meb Faber Show. He has authored numerous white papers and leather-bound books. He is a frequent speaker and writer on investment strategies and has been featured in Barron’s, The New York Times, and The New Yorker, to name a few. Meb graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology. After college, Meb worked in Washington D.C as biotech equity analyst, then moved to San Francisco/Lake Tahoe to become (what he characterizes) a quant analyst / ski bum before trading his skis for a surfboard and moving to Manhattan Beach, CA.



Today's 10 Questions

[1:15]  Key motivators to build a unique asset manager?
[2:13]  What are you most proud of looking at your career?
[3:47]  What was the motivation for writing your first book?
[4:46]  One investment factor to allocate to for the next 5yrs?
[6:15]  Cambria's Trinity Portfolios - What are they?
[8:11]  A whitepaper you think hasn't received enough attention?
[9:16]  How is your personal portfolio positioned?
[9:57]  One question you should ask your advisor each year?
[10:52]  Worst advice you've heard from "experts"?
[11:41]  Free tool for business you would recommend?








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