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Translating Washington 

EventShares Research Library


EventShares is an investment management firm focused on long-term opportunities from legislation and regulation coming out of Washington, D.C. In a world overloaded with exotic investment strategies, our common-sense investing approach emphasizes the basics. Our team believes investments aligned correctly with Washington can outperform the market, as the laws and regulations impact companies and industries. To learn about our investment strategies visit www.EventSharesFunds.com.


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Our investment team's analysis on portfolio management and sector allocation strategies to navigate markets with the goal of maximizing risk-adjusted returns. More >>


Policy Playbook - Infrastructure - Cover Image

U.S. Infrastructure

There may be no bigger topic in Washington. We highlight the opportunity for your portfolio.

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5G Technology

A geopolitical battleground between U.S. and China. Here's what you need to know.

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Defense Spending

A sector largely driven by government spending. In-depth look at impacted stocks.

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Legalized Sports Betting

A policy theme still in early innings. Questions are answered as we highlight the opportunity.

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Policy Playbook Value Based Reimbursements Cover

Value Based Reimbursements

With skyrocketing costs, healthcare reimbursement is changing to a "Value Based" system.

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Nuclear Energy

Coming April 2019.



Policy Playbook Space Force Cover

Space Force

Coming April 2019.





Chief Investment Officer Ben Phillips offers insights on policy trends and the potential impacts on investment opportunities. More >>


Portfolio Recap Cover Page

Portfolio Recap

An inside look at what we are investing in (holdings included).

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U.S. Policy Tracker

Map to policy & markets. 10 sectors, 25 policies, 100 stocks.

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Quarterly Policy themes Front Page

Quarterly Outlook

Highlighting 5 policy themes to watch each quarter.

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International Policy Tracker

Geopolitics impacting your international portfolio.

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Key weekly data points. Our research team analyzes trends, signals and opportunities in the economy and financial markets. More >> 


EventShares Weekly Market Recap Cover

Weekly Market Recap

Highlighting this week's top 20 policy themes.

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EventShares Earnings Monitor Report

Earnings Monitor

Coming Soon.

EventShares Sector Investing Report

Sector Views

Coming Soon.





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