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Our Firm


Government legislation and regulation change how companies operate. We view policy as a leading indicator for market changes and use it to find undervalued investment opportunities. We hold two core beliefs:


#1 Polic≠ Politics. Politics involves conflict and emotion. Policy results from politics and impacts companies.


#2 Unlike economic factors that are crowded and unpredictable, policy factors are overlooked, well-telegraphed, and historically uncorrelated to broader markets.




Founded in 2017, EventShares is an asset manager located in New York City that is focused on the impacts created by legislation, regulation, and fiscal policy. Below is a timeline of our firm's history.




Visit our Funds Site for documents (fact sheet, prospectus, investment case). 


The Vision

Our founders noticed a lack of investment strategies for policy-focused themes and events.

EventShares Was Founded

Our team realized Active ETFs could be the solution. Why ETFs? Liquidity, cost, and accessibility Why active? Ability to adapt in changing markets

Hired Our Chief Investment Officer

EventShares hired our portfolio manager away from one of the largest asset managers in the world (press release).



Launched First Products

In October 2017, we launched three active long/short ETFs (press release).

Launched Policy Newsletters

Leveraging our research and D.C. contacts to offer timely policy analysis and investment commentary, we launched three policy newsletters: Policy Insights, Policy Spotlight, and Policy Chatter (read more).

EventShares ties BlackRock for Industry Awards

In January 2018, EventShares ties with BlackRock in industry awards (read more).

And Here We Are Now...

We are always open to conversations about new partnerships or business development opportunities (info@EventShares.com).