Turning global events you are already talking about into investment opportunities. That’s the idea behind EventShares.

Our investment philosophy is rooted in two core beliefs: (1) Policy ≠ Politics and (2) Policy is an untapped asset class that can be invested in.

EventShares is different. Our funds are not index constrained. We believe active management presents a more compelling opportunity to construct tailored policy exposure.

Our Investment Process

Research Driven
Research Driven

Our approach combines fundamental analysis and quantitative screens to identify potential winners and losers. We analyze geopolitical events to identify macro trends and blend the results with forward-looking fundamental research

Diversified Exposure
Diversified Exposure

Diversification is important in a portfolio. Our funds invest in companies across sectors in an attempt to guard against single factor risks such as interest rates and commodity prices.

Portfolio Rebalancing
Portfolio Rebalancing

Our approach focuses on holding portfolio positions while securities are repriced. We target quarterly rebalancing and rotation based on market movements and current sentiment.


Problem: There is no product to invest in multi-dimensional events and themes (e.g. Brexit, Presidential elections, legislation).

Solution: We utilize the active ETF structure to offer diversified portfolios around policy-driven events and themes.

Our Vision

Our founders noticed a lack of investment strategies for policy-focused themes and events.

EventShares Was Founded

We realized Active ETFs could be the solution. Why ETFs? Liquidity, cost, and accessibility Why active? Ability to adapt in changing markets

Announced Our Strategies

In March 2017, we filed our initial strategies: Republican Policies (GOP), Democratic Policies (DEMS), and U.S. Tax Reform (TAXR) ETFs.

Hired Our Chief Investment Officer

We hired our portfolio manager away from one of the largest asset managers in the world (press release).

Launched Our Initial ETFs

In October 2017, we launched our initial ETFs (press release).

EventShares ties BlackRock for Industry Awards

EventShares ties with BlackRock in an industry awards race with eight finalist spots for ETF.com 2017 Awards (read more).

And Here We Are Now...

EventShares has ambitions to expand. Our team is always open to new partnerships or business development opportunities (info@EventShares.com).

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