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The Firm


EventShares is a investment manager focused on the market implications of legislation, regulation, and fiscal policy coming out of Washington, D.C.

The firm is founded on the belief that policy is a powerful leading indicator and catalyst for companies, and that investments aligned correctly with Washington can outperform the market.

We hold two core beliefs:

(1) Policy ≠ Politics. Politics involves conflict and emotion. Policy has lasting impacts on sectors, industries and markets. 

(2) Unlike economic factors that are crowded and unpredictable, policy catalysts are overlooked, well-telegraphed, and historically uncorrelated to broader markets.



We achieve long-term alpha by:

  • Focusing on policy impacts on companies and sectors 
  • Investing in misunderstood legislation, regulation and fiscal policy investment catalysts

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EventShares' research process focuses on policy disruption. Policy disruption occurs when changing rules and regulations alter industry dynamics, company business models and global economics. Examples of prior policy disruption include: (1) Dodd-Frank, (2) the Affordable Care Act, and (3) the Supreme Court's reversal of the 1992 federal law banning sports betting.

By researching current and pending legislation across industries, investors can gain a deeper understanding of potential positive and negative policy catalysts. Our goal is to help investors understand how businesses will fundamentally change and what impacts that may have on their financial statements and valuation.

Watch the Research Demo mini-video to learn about where to find EventShares research. You can also find EventShares research on FactSet, Thompson Reuters, Investopedia.com, and Interactive Brokers.





EventShares Research Demo v2




The Vision

Our team noticed a lack of investment strategies for policy-focused themes despite their dramatic impact on markets.

EventShares Was Founded

Our team realized Active ETFs could be the solution.

  • Why ETFs? Liquidity, cost, and accessibility.
  • Why active? Ability to adapt in changing markets.

Hired Our Chief Investment Officer

EventShares hired our portfolio manager away from one of the largest asset managers in the world (press release).



EventShares ties BlackRock for Industry Awards

In January 2018, EventShares tied BlackRock in industry awards (Read More).

Policy Research

In 2018 we began offering our policy research (newsletters & white papers) to investors and advisors.

Active ETFs

In April 2018, we rolled our investment strategies into an active long/short ETF (Press Release).


And Here We Are Now...

We are always open to conversations about new partnerships and opportunities (Email: Jon@EventShares.com).