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EventShares Barron's Roundtable

Featured on Barron's Roundtable

Barron's recently featured EventShares CIO Ben Phillips discussing market impacts and the 2018 midterms. >>> Go to Barrons.com


Where rigorous research, investment management, and Washington policy converge.

 EventShares  is a leading investment management firm, focused on the market impacts from current and pending legislation, regulation, and fiscal policy coming out of Washington, DC.  Policy Investing  focuses on understanding the laws and regulations that impact companies and industries, to find mispriced assets before the market understands the implications.  Our team believes investments aligned correctly with Washington can outperform the market. Watch the short video below for an overview of policy investing.



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Highlights this week's the top 20 policies in the context of the broader markets. 





2018 Conference - Join Us!


 Actions in Washington D.C.  continue to impact stock markets. Investors should consider adapting their research and investment process to factor in legislative and regulatory policy catalysts. The  2018 Policy Alpha Conference  brings together policy experts, leading academics and investment strategists to deliver actionable insights to help you identify and invest in policy catalysts across shifting legislation and regulation. Please join this special event on Nov 13, 2018 - one week after the 2018 congressional midterm elections. 


Online Event | No Traveling | No Registration Cost

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